Yucaipa Live! Miracle on 34th Street


The mission statement of Yucaipa Live! is to provide a theatre that is the destination point for actors and audiences throughout the inland empire.  To provide quality productions and a place for actors, directors, and other theatre personnel to engage in a professional environment and achieve excellence.


Miracle on 34th Street- Auditions to be held on October 9th and October 11th. This heartwarming tale of Christmas and the real Kris Kringle will put anyone in the holiday spirit. Catch it on December 9-10th and December 16th-17th.


Doctor Pierce -physician at Maplewood home Nick Ruiz
Kris Kringle – Santa Claus Clark Morrow
Shellhammer – Mrs. Walkers assistant Bella Spelman
Doris Walker – personnel manager at Macys Dalton Rush
Susan Walker – Doris Daughter Hali Bell
Fred Gayley – a lawyer, neighbor and friend to Doris/Susan Adam Miederhoff
Macy – owner of Macys Department Store Ken Corona
Sawyer – Macy’s vocational guidance counselor Manny Suarez
Judge Harper- of the New Your State court Clay Presley
Finley – bailiff in Judge Harpers court Alexis Hickman
Mara – prosecuting attorney Lauren Heitmann
Halloran – Judge Harper’s political campaign manager Ashleigh Pierce
Bag Lady – Thanksgiving Day parade Kim Lungstrum
Rich Person Thanksgiving Day parade Alexis Hickman
Mrs. Bloomingdale Charlie Adiano
Drunken Santa Ken Corona
Janet Mara – prosecuting attorney’s child Rachel Holley
Al Postal Worker Karlie Mc Cue
Lou – Postal Worker Bella Spelman
Pedestrian 1 Kim Lungstrum
Pedestrian 2 Bella Spelman
Pedestrian 3 Alexis Hickman
Sharon – Child Ruby Hartley
Sharon’s parent Stephanie Neil
Johnny – Child Tobias Pierce
Johnnys Parent Ashleigh Pierce
Dutch Girl – Child Bella Miederhoff
Foster Mother Alexis Hickman
Megan – Child Carissa Stark
Elf Z Gabriel Urquides
Elf Q Matthias Urquidies
Elf J Keiah Holley
Elf R Karlie Mc Cue
Elf W Logan Miederhoff
Child 1 Juliahh Kotoff
Child 2 Slade Gerra
Child 3 Izzy Gerra
Child 4 Nolan Miederhoff
Child 5 Pierce Miederhoff
Child 6 Sophia Bell
Child 7 Emma Neil



5 responses

  1. Hello! I’m interested in auditioning for both Clue AND Shrek when June rolls around… will the rehearsals be held in such a way that I could feasibly be cast in both, or should I pick one over the other? Thank you so much for your time!


    1. Hi Alma,

      Because the rehearsal process is going to be longer for these shows, it would probably be best to pick one to audition for. The directors are responsible for arranging their own schedule and there may be cross over dates and times.


  2. I totally understand and was expecting as much, but wanted to ask anyway. Thank you so much for getting back to me!


  3. How old do I need to be to audition?


  4. How do I find information on upcoming shows and do you guys accept newcomers?


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