Look what’s new in 2017!


Yucaipa Little Theatre is excited to announce the launching of a new entertainment branch within its organization.  Beginning January of 2017, “Yucaipa Live!” will be YLT’s new performing arts company, focused on providing entertainment which will appeal to adult audiences in the community.  In addition to bringing Broadway musicals and plays to the area, Yucaipa Live! will also provide other forms of entertainment such as comedy shows and live concerts.  With the anticipated completion of Yucaipa’s new Performing Arts Center at the corner of Yucaipa Boulevard and California Street in 2018, Yucaipa Live! is sure to draw audiences and talented performers from far and wide, making Yucaipa a new entertainment destination in the Inland Empire.

For decades, Yucaipa Little Theatre has provided wonderful family-oriented theatrical experiences for its audiences and has been instrumental in providing great opportunities for the development of talent among the youth and young adults of Yucaipa and its surrounding communities.  As Yucaipa Little Theatre continues in this tradition, the addition of Yucaipa Live! will, no doubt, broaden the range of choices for entertainment in Yucaipa.  And, while Yucaipa awaits the completion of the new Performing Arts Center, performances for both Yucaipa Live! and Yucaipa Little Theatre will continue to take place at the Seventh Street Theater at Seventh Street Park.


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