Santa Clause is coming to town! We open this week! Come see our production of Miracle on 34th Street and make sure you arrive at 6:00 so you can visit with Santa before the show begins!

Tickets are selling out fast! Click on our Eventbrite link to purchase your tickets now for this limited engagement!





6 responses

  1. Hi, my name is Garrett Nordquist. I work in the Vendor Service Department at Sage Oak Charter School. I would like to send you a vendor packet for your review to see if you might be interested in coming on board as a vendor.

    All I would need is an email address to send you the packet.

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Would Love To Purchase Tickets For The Last Show This Weekend.
    Please advise the dates, times and prices to attend.
    Location of your theater.
    Thank You In Advance For The Information


    1. Hi Paula, please check out our Eventbrite page to purchase tickets, it’s the best way to guarantee your seat as we are expecting to be sold out these last three shows. Tickets are 15 dollars a person and the show’s start at 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday and 3:30 on Sunday. This is an amazing show and should not be missed!


    2. The theatre is located at 33993 Ave E in Yucaipa


  3. I purchased two tickets for my friend’s birthday in August. She would like to use them this Sunday Dec. 17th for the 3:30 show. Can she just present the voucher at the door to obtain the two tickets?


    1. Hi Judee, yes she can use them! It would be best for her to make a reservation, if you want to email us her name at yucaipalittletheatre_at7thstreet@yahoo.com and the number in her party, we will add it. Please ensue she brings the voucher or a digital copy!


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